What to prepare in Hospital Bag - Birth Bags for expecting moms

You're due soon and you're not sure what to pack in the hospital bag. Don't panic yet. You're at the right place :) I've started packing my hospital bags as early as 28 weeks... Here's what I have in Mommy's Bag and Baby's Bag (you can put everything in 1 bag, of course!)

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In Mommy's Bag:

1) New Long Sleeves Button-down and Sarung/ Pants (Hat/ Cap and Cardigans if needed) - your going-home clothes. 

2) Disposable slippers - Get those from hotel biggrin.gif

3) Stockings - at least 3 pairs

4) Disposable panties

5) Nursing Bras

6) A small pouch - to store your mobile, iPad, jewelry which you took out before Labour (I'd suggest you passing jewelry to your husband actually), and important documents such as ID card, credit card, cash, etc. To me, a small pouch is better than bringing your big Designer Bag to the hospital, since you'll be bed-resting all day and night. 

7) Good quality maternity/ sanitary pads - I brought Libresse Night Wings (purple), they're comfortable to wear, unlike the ones given by Hospital.

8) Cotton/ Facial Cotton - for cleaning of your private part on Day 2 or Day 3 after you give birth. 

9) 3 bottles of Chicken Essence - I will start taking on 2nd Day.

10) 1 box of So Hup Pills and Wu Jin Pills - Start taking on 2nd Day and 3rd Day. Actually you can wait till you get home to start taking them. No rush, I'd say.

11) Toiletries - the Hospital would normally provide a fullset, including towels. Otherwise, BYO!

12) Nursing pillow

13) Neck pillow, even!

in Baby's Bag:

1) New baby clothes, preferably baby kimonos or long sleeves and long pants, with cap, and mittens and socks. Since I don't believe in any of the old wives' tales (about colours), choose your favourite colours for your newborn :) A little too pink or too blue won't hurt.

2) Baby Swaddles

3) Newborn diapers - Although Hospital would give, I still brought mine because the quality is different. If I remember correctly, the Hospital gave Pureen Premium NB Diapers.

4) Antiseptic cotton swabs - You can buy from Pharmacy, this is to clean and care for your Newborn's umbilical cord stump. Normally, extras will be given by Hospital. But in case they don't provide, you have some.

in your Car:

1) NewBorn's carseat or carrier - in foreign countries, it's compulsory to have carseat as soon as your newborn steps into the car. It's also good so you can train your lil to sit on his own since young. And safety issues of course.

Other tips:

1) As soon as you are admitted, please ask your husband or family member to bring you a Giant Thermo Flask filled with Red Dates Drinks to keep you hydrated when you're in the ward. Also, ask them to prepare some Ovaltine mix and biscuits in case you're hungry.

2) Becareful of your personal belongings, be sure to keep valuable stuffs in the lockable drawer if there is. If not, dont keep too many valuable stuffs with you, just keep a cellphone.

3) It's best if your family can bring you food everyday, because the Hospital will not necessarily provide you with the "right diets".

4) I also don't encourage mommies to bring Breast Pumps, because right after your labour, very likely you can only get your colostrum, try to let your baby "breast-crawl" when you're in the hospital, and let your baby latch on directly.

5) Be sure to ask the nurse to clean your baby and put on the new baju with new diaper before you leave with him or her. 

P.S. Hope I did not miss the important stuff, other mommies, feel free to add on, I am v. forgetful these days also smile.gif


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