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What to prepare in Hospital Bag - Birth Bags for expecting moms

You're due soon and you're not sure what to pack in the hospital bag. Don't panic yet. You're at the right place :) I've started packing my hospital bags as early as 28 weeks... Here's what I have in Mommy's Bag and Baby's Bag (you can put everything in 1 bag, of course!)

(photo credit: theBirthBag)
In Mommy's Bag:

1) New Long Sleeves Button-down and Sarung/ Pants (Hat/ Cap and Cardigans if needed) - your going-home clothes. 

2) Disposable slippers - Get those from hotel 

3) Stockings - at least 3 pairs

4) Disposable panties

5) Nursing Bras

6) A small pouch - to store your mobile, iPad, jewelry which you took out before Labour (I'd suggest you passing jewelry to your husband actually), and important documents such as ID card, credit card, cash, etc. To me, a small pouch is better than bringing your big Designer Bag to the hospital, since you'll be bed-resting all day and night. 

7) Good quality maternity/ sanitary pads - I brought Libresse Night Wing…

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